• Mission

    Our mission is to create a culturally diverse tradition of excellence where all students are encouraged to excel academically while learning the skills necessary to be responsible, confident, life-long learners ad productive members of an ever-changing society.

  • Vision

    Richland Elementary School will be an exemplary, student-focused educational community, guided by Common Core standards, that has an outstanding staff, programs, and nurturing environment where excellence is achieved, good character is exhibited, and hopes and goals are fostered.

  • Beliefs

    We at Richland Elementary School believe…

    Students should be encouraged to set goals for themselves and work toward reaching them.
    Students should be in a safe and secure environment where opportunities are provided for all.
    Teachers should teach and model good character traits and students should be treated with dignity and respect.
    Our students must be actively engaged in their educations in order to learn, produce quality work, and become critical thinkers and problem solvers.
    A wide variety of research based teaching strategies and data driven assessment techniques accommodate a diverse population with multiple learning styles, and provide challenges that are conducive to an academic achievement.
    Collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents, and the community is essential for the continuous growth and effectiveness of our school.