The following student behavior and safety standards have been established as a guideline for all students eligiblefor transportation.


    1. Students in grades K through 12 shall display their transportation bus pass to the driver uponboarding the bus both morning and afternoon.
    2. Students in grades K through 1st are required to be supervised by an adult parent or guardian whendelivered to the bus stop. These students will not be allowed to exit a school bus without a parent,guardian, approved adult, or a sibling 11 years or older present to receive the student.
    3. Special education students must have a parent or guardian at their residence to receive them whendropped off. If there is no one present, they will be returned to their school for supervision until pickedup by a parent or guardian.
    4. Cooperate with the driver.
    5. Students shall be respectful and not use obscene and/or abusive language.
    6. No screaming or yelling on the bus.
    7. Students will not throw items in or out of the bus. This behavior can cause serious safety consequences.
    8. No fighting, bullying, harassment or horseplay on the bus or at the bus stop.
    9. Students will not deliberately stand on private property while waiting for the bus. (If the bus stopdoes not allow enough space, please contact SCS Transportation).
    10. Students will load and unload the bus in a safe and timely manner. Be at your bus stop at least 5minutes prior to your assigned pick up time.
    11. Students must stay seated and not turn around in their seat. Nothing should ever block the aisle.
    12. Smoking and use tobacco and/or drugs on the bus or at the bus stop is prohibited.
    13. Students will not extend hands, arms, head or any body parts out of the windows.
    14. Students will not tamper with equipment or vandalize the bus. Parents/students will be charged forrepairto damage of the interior/exterior of the school bus.
    15. Students should keep bus clean. Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited.
    16. Students may not use electronic devices including cell phones, cameras, iPods/MP3 players, etc. ontheschool bus. Cell phones and electronic devices may not be used for phone calls, texting or taking pictures at any time while on the bus.
    17. Students may only ride the bus which serves their home address and may only board or de-board atassigned stop unless approved by the school principal and/or SCS Transportation.
    18. Large band instruments are not allowed on the school bus. (See Addendum)


    1. Students will stay out of the streets while awaiting the arrival of the bus.
    2. Students must remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop and the stop arm has been extended.
    3. Students shall cross the street in front of the bus and under the direction of the driver. Look both ways, then proceed to cross when the driver signals to them and the bus stop arm has been extended.
    For a PDF of the rules in English and Espanol, Click Here

    All car riders will report to the gymnasium at 4:00 pm. Students are seated in sections according to grade level. Each car will be dismissed based on the assigned number given during registration.

    Please note the following:

    1. Vehicles should line up from Downs Street during arrival and dismissal. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter the Car Rider Line from Lynchburg Street nor Banbury Ave. USE DOWNS STREET.
    2. During dismissal, students will be placed into vehicles on the passenger side of the vehicle.
    3. Please have Car Rider Number displayed on the rearview mirror.