• Teaching English as a Second Language to newly arrived immigrant teens with little to no formal schooling is at the heart of what we do at the Newcomer International Center.

    We break language & cultural barriers for our students so they have equitable access to all social, academic, economic, civic, and spiritual opportunities.

    We link our students and their families to resources in our community that will help them achieve success.

    We teach our students to embrace challenge, to persevere, and overcome obstacles they may encounter.

    We develop meaningful relationships with our students and their families through patience, encouragement, active listening, and healthy communication.

    We model what we expect from our students in terms of behavior, academics, relationships, service to others, and civic responsibilities.

    We hold one another accountable to uphold our core values and enduring purpose.

    We create a school environment where students feel safe in order to learn, be productive, and reach their highest potential.

    We believe in the power of “short wins” that lead to learning that endures throughout the student’s life.

    We set goals, monitor progress, and adjust to best meet the needs of students one-by-one.