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    old class photo of idlewild students

    The beginning of Idlewild School can be traced back to as early as the late 1800s. The original Idlewild School served the town of Idlewild before it was annexed into the City of Memphis in 1895. Formerly a Memphis City School, Idlewild is currently a Shelby County Science and Technology Optional School. The oldest portion of the existing structure was built in 1903 by locally famed architects Max Furbinger and Walk C. Jones (now known as brg3s architects) and is in the Renaissance Revival Style with a symmetrical facade, low pitched hipped roof, grouped round arched windows, masonry construction, and classical features such as an entrance framed with pilasters. Original 1903 portion of Idlewild School Idlewild has always been considered an integral part of the historic Central Gardens neighborhood in Midtown, Memphis. Although the school has been in operation for more than a century, less than 10 individuals have held the Principal position of this wonderful institution. Many Idlewild teachers spend at least half of their career at the school as it truly is an ideal learning and working environment. Some of the more notable Idlewild alumni include George Barnes, Henry Turley, and Steve Cohen.

    Old photo of Idlewild Students old photo of young idlewild students  Historic class photo of Idlewild Students

    Historic photo of Idlewild students

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    Historic photo of 6th grade Idlewild students

    1920s student composite of Idlewild class

    historic photo of Idlewild students

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