• Mission and Vision

    Idlewild’s mission is to:

    • Empower learners
    • Develop leaders
    • Celebrate diversity

    "We are Idlewild Leaders" is the vision of Idlewild Elementary!

    •Every student is invested
    •Every staff member has a positive impact
    •Every family is engaged
    •Every community member is connected


  • At Idlewild Elementary School, we believe

    • that the instructional emphasis should include critical and creative thinking skills to solve realistic problems
    • a safe, non-threatening environment is essential to a student’s ability to excel socially, emotionally, and academically
    • that cultural diversity should be celebrated and recognized
    • that self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect
    • that assessments drive instruction and aid in the creation of a supportive and challenging learning environment
    • that student attendance has a direct correlation to successful academic achievement
    • that shared decision-making and communication of policy implementation are vital components of a successful school.
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