• Our Mission

    Through our rigorous and engaging academic program, Kate Bond Middle School will produce creative thinkers who can identify and solve complex and relevant problems, communicate well, understand passions, strengths, and challenges, and be responsible citizens in a diverse world.


    Our Vision

    Our vision is that Kate Bond Middle School will become a premier school dedicated to a literature embedded learning environment where Socratic seminars and innovative teaching practices will be used.


    Our Statement of Purpose

    The purpose of Kate Bond Middle School is to provide a rigorous academic program designed to accelerate learning for all students. Because effort, preparedness, and self-direction are characteristics exhibited by successful learners, each day our students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically. At KBMS, we encourage parents to be actively involved in all aspects of the educational program, thereby working cooperatively, the school and home can provide a challenging program for all students.


    Kate Bond Core Beliefs

    • Deliberate, systematic teaching processes with checkpoints for student learning
    • 21st century technology integration such as: wireless labs, e-learning, interactive whiteboard, classroom response systems, distance learning, and electronic books
    • Organized schedules to include interdisciplinary teams, common planning time, flexible scheduling
    • The ability to hypothesize, organize information into useful and meaningful constructs, and to grasp long-term cause and effect relationships
    • Reading across all content areas to encourage independent reading across genres
    • Interactive classroom activities that appeal to students, are exploratory and challenging, and incorporate student-generated questions and concerns