• Mission

    The mission of A. Maceo Walker Middle School is to ensure all students master state mandated standards, read with comprehension, write with clarity, and compute with accuracy, while developing reasoning and problem-solving skills for college and career readiness.



    A. Maceo Walker Middle School's stakeholders visualize our school as a learning organization that prepares all students for success in school and in life.



    Our purpose is to support the social and behavioral climate of our school by reducing student misconduct/referrals, reducing suspensions and expulsions, and training staff to provide emotional and social support to students experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).


    Core Beliefs

    All students deserve a high-quality education.

    • All students are capable of achieving at a high level.
    • Students rise to the level of expectation, when challenged and supported appropriately.
    • Students learn best when they are authentically engaged in their own learning.
    • We must continuously improve our effectiveness as teachers and leaders in order to improve student success.
    • We must make every minute with our students count with purposeful work and Great First Teaching.
    • Strong partnerships and involvement among the school, home, and community agencies facilitate higher-levels of student achievement.


    Daily Affirmation

    I am a Jaguar! I use my powerful jaws to speak intelligence and encouragement. My strength is made evident by my ability to do right even when alone. I optimize my life by thinking and acting positively. I think, live, and breathe greatness because THAT IS WHAT JAGUARS DO!

    -Mrs. Ashley K. Martin