Vollentine Optional School students will be able to read with understanding, compute accurately, solve problems on different levels, use technology to obtain information, and speak and write clearly in order to become lifelong learners.


    Vollentine is a school where hope transforms into actions.

    Receiving students, releasing scholars


    1. Teachers, administrators share the responsibility for providing a positive school environment.
    2. The educational program should reflect the needs of students, the values of parents and community within the framework of society.
    3. The educational program should integrate technology throughout the curriculum. 
    4. All students can perform at higher levels of learning.
    5. Active student involvement results in a strong foundation for future learning.
    6. Students may have special needs which require varied instructional strategies.
    7. Students should know and practice the basic requirements of responsible citizenship in order to strengthen character.
    8. Students should appreciate cultural differences and recognize the increasing interdependence among people and nations of the world.