• Mission & Vision

    Our mission at Levi Elementary School is to prepare all students with:

    - The ability to read fluently and interpret complex text

    - Write in response to an expressed or printed idea

    - Demonstrate and explain algorithms

    - Think, reason, and solve problems

    The vision of the Levi Elementary faculty, staff, and stakeholders is that all students will be provided with a safe, positive, and challenging learning environment. All students will be academically prepared and encouraged to attend a college, select a trade, and/or successfully pursue entrepreneurships. Ultimately, all students will be challenged intellectually and inspired to become life-long learners.

    Culture & Climate

    Upon entering our school, the atmosphere of teaching and learning is omnipresent. Our mission is to create an environment that breeds respect and encourages appropriate behaviors and socialization; teach students how to take responsibility for their behaviors and their learning while teaching them to strive for academic excellence; and model the expected behaviors that emphasize our professional commitment to our students and community