Get Involved

  • We would love to have parent involvement at E.E. Jeter. We just ask you to follow the district procedure we have linked below.

    To access each volunteer level and start the process, click on the designated box below.

  • Level 1

    Level 1 Special Event Volunteers 
    No direct contact with students

    Must be directly monitored and suprvised by school personnel at all times.

    • Speakers
    • Program Guests
    • Juors/Judges
    • Class Readers
    • One-Time Volunteers (Banquets, Dances, etc.)
    • Registration Helper
  • Level 2

    Level 2 Monitored Volunteers 
    Limited direct contact with students

    Must be directly monitored and supervised by school personnel. 

    • Classroom or School Office Assistants
    • Daytime Field Trip Chaperones (Within Shelby County)
    • Test Monitors/Proctors
    • Hall Monitors
    • Safety Patrol
  • Level 3

    Level 3 Unmonitored Volunteers 
    Direct contact with students

    May interact with students without direct supervision of school personnel. 

    • Overnight Chaperones
    • Daytime Field Trip (outside of Shelby County)
    • Interpreters
    • Mentors
    • Tutors
    • Athletic Assistants or Coaches
    • Group Mentors or Tutors
    • Afterschool Assistants (e.g. Cheer, Dance Team, Band)