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  • American Way Middle School provides rich, rewarding learning experiences that equip students to think critically and analytically, build strong social and emotional skills, and be life-long learners.

    • American Way Middle School is a part of The Innovation Zone. 
    • Students may select exploratory classes that meet their interests. Classes offered are  Band, Choir, Dance, Physical Education, and STEM.
    • American Way Middle was awarded The Stem in the Library Grant, which offers students additional resources in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 
    • Our Response to Intervention Program offers select students an opportunity to engage in instructional level activities that close the achievement gap. 
    • The Interactive Library at American Way Middle School gives students access to a variety of technology, such as laptops, desktops, printers, I-Pads, and a Promethean Board.
    • All students have access to their own learning device (e.g., tablet or laptop).

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  • United We Believe, Achieve, and Succeed!! Go Eagles!!



    Mrs. Larissa Jackson, Principal

    3805 American Way

    Memphis, TN. 38118

    Telephone #- (901) 416-1250

    Fax #- (901) 416-1251

    Facebook- AmericanWay Middle School-SCS

School Choice Facts

  • Students who live within our school attendance zone do not have to submit a school choice application. They can simply register when the early registration period opens for the new school year.
    Students who live outside the attendance zone can submit a General Choice Transfer Application beginning February 6, 2023. Applications are based on available space in the school and are processed in the order they are received.