• An MSCS Optional School

    Treadwell is home to over 750 PreK-5th Grade students; 200 are in the Dual Language Program. Shelby County students may apply for and attend Treadwell as part of the Opitional Program even if their home address is outside the zone for TES.

  • Bilingualism/Biliteracy + Social Competence + Academic Achivement

    Dual Language Immersion provides an educational foundation of literacy and communication skills in two languages, incorporating multicultural views into grade level curriculm and academic expectations.

  • 90/10 Program Model

    Beginning in Kindergarten, core content is taught in a combination of English and Spanish. Instructional percentages shift by 10% each year (1st Grade: 80% Spanish, 20% English, etc.). 

  • Students must begin the program in kindergarten

    A Spanish/English foundation for biliteracy begins in kindergarten. Each student must maintain satisfactory grades, conduct, and attendance to continue in the program each school year.

  • Bilingual teachers and staff

    All Dual Language classroom teachers and many of our school support staff are bilingual in Spanish and English and represent a variety of Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Balanced, 50/50 home language base in each dual language classroom

    At any given point in the day, students are both language models and language learners, all moving towards emerging bilingualism.