• Mission

    Sheffield High School's mission is to provide all students with access to high-quality teaching and learning every single day in every single classroom.  High quality teaching and learning is defined as teaching and learning aligned to rigorous college and career standards.


    At Sheffield High School, we commit to exposing students to new opportunities and experiences that make it possible for them to dream big.  We show our learners that anything is possible and that they do not have to be victims of their circumstances.  Every problem has a viable solution, and because of their experience here, students will find those solutions.  At Sheffield, we know No obstables, and we make No eoxcuses!


    I will have a productive day at Sheffield Reimagined.  I am here to give my best effort.  My teachers will never have to buzz the office because of my behavior.  I am committed to behaving in ways that benefit and protect my academic, social, and emotionmal health.  I am here to secure the B. A. G.