• Mission Statement

    "Our mission is to be a diverse school community that (W)elcomes, (S)upports(H)eightens, and(S)trengthens both student achievement and creativity within a safe, supportive environment. With the collaboration of faculty, staff, parents and the community, we believe students can reach their greatest potential."


    Vision Statement

    Our vision is for White Station High School to be a student-centered, family-friendly school that represents and appreciates a diverse population, fosters collaboration among parents, staff, and students, and provides a quality education to each student served.

    Our Staff Believes...

    • Each student is a valuable human being with unique physical, social,
      emotional and intellectual needs.
    • Every student deserves a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn.
    • A positive setting produces students who are well adjusted and self confident.
    • We must be flexible and respect the fact that students learn in different ways.
    • Students learn best when they have opportunities for success.
    • Every student deserves activities that enhance learning.
    • Teachers, parents, and students equally share the responsibility of the school's
      mission and this mission is best accomplished with the support of the surrounding community.
    • Culture diversity is our strength and an asset that promotes an appreciation for understanding different peoples and cultures.