• Lifetime Wellness

    In this course, we focus on the three-fold meaning of “health” (Physical, Mental, and Social), in order to learn how to thrive in all areas of life and extend the duration and quality of life. The following topics are a few of which will be covered in this course:

    Health and Wellness

    Life Skills

    Family Life/Relationship Building

    Sexual Education

    Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol

    Mental/Emotional Health


    Physical Health

    Health-Related Components of Fitness

    Weightlifting/Exercise Basics


    Physical Education

    In this course, we focus on the physical category of one’s health and apply it to general exercise, weightlifting, and sports. Below is listed a few of the subjects/sports that will be covered across PE I and PE II:

    Health-Related Components of Fitness

    Skill-Related Components of Fitness

    Principles of Exercise

    Weightlifting Basics






    Disc Golf






    In this class, we cover the basics, and more advanced lifting techniques, in order to push our bodies to their limits and witness muscular growth. By the end of this class, each student should have the knowledge, ability, and experience needed to pass a personal training certification test and pursue a career as a personal trainer (if so desiring).


    1. Mini Biography (Bio) on you as the teacher.


    My name is Coach Neil Allen, and I have been an educator at carver for 7 years now. I have a B.S. in Health and Human Performance, from the University of Tennessee and a M.A. in Teaching from the University of Memphis. I also have finished the coursework for my M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science and a Masters in Theology. Furthermore, I am in the final semester of my Ed.S. in Education Administration. My background being in Health and Human Performance, I love providing opportunities for my students to learn more about their bodies and the variety of ways that they can improve their health and longevity of life, and I am a real-world example of what it means to be a life-long learner.

    I am married and a father of two beautiful little girls. Spending time with my family and exploring the world outdoors with them are among my most favorite of pastimes. I enjoy all things outdoors, traveling, and working with my hands (cars, woodworking, metal fabrication, etc). As a Christian and the youth pastor at my church, I am heavily involved in my church and encouraging/mentoring our youth.

    At Carver, it is my mission to provide as many opportunities for my students to learn and grow, and realize their potential for greatness, that they may go out into the world and capitalize on the vast opportunities to advance themselves.


    1. Club or Group Information.

    Iron Cobras – Weightlifting

    If you are interested in pushing your physical limits, conditioning yourself for team sports, or improving your general fitness, talk to Coach about signing up for the weightlifting club.


    Wild Cobras – Camping Initiative

    If you are interested in exploring the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, see Coach about our next outing into the surround state/national parks.


    Service Learning

    If you are interested in taking part in one of our various service learning projects, see Coach about one of our various service opportunities.

                   School Beautification

                   Neighborhood Rejuvenation

                   Community Support

                   Agricultural Pursuits


    1. Any other programs or pages that need to be added to the website.

    Coach Allen’s Weightlifting Corner




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