•              2024-2025 Title I Family Engagement Plan

    Northaven Elementary Community School will take the following actions to involve parents, teachers, and staff in its Parent Engagement Plan. This plan will establish the expectations for parent involvement with Northaven Elementary, a Title I school. Annually, Northaven Elementary Community School will convene a meeting to which parents are invited. At this meeting, the Title 1 Professional Learning Communities Coach will inform parents of the school’s participation in Title I, explain the requirements of Title I, and the rights of parents to become involved in the school. Parents will be informed that they may request opportunities for a meeting to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their child. The school will respond to any suggestions as soon as possible.  The 2024-2025 Annual Title I Meeting will be offered multiple times to meet the needs of the parents.

    Northaven Elementary Community School holds a number of meetings for parents during flexible, convenient times in-person and virtual (when applicable).These include: Meet The Teacher NightFamily Data Meetings, PowerUp with PowerSchool, Literacy and Math Night, reading and literacy/math parent training, Parent-Teacher conferences, and School Improvement Planning sessions. Meetings are conducted where parents are involved in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner in the planning, review, and improvement of the programs.  The goal is to show parents how the children perform in the classroom, so they see how to support their children at home.

    Northaven Elementary Community School will inform parents, in a timely manner, of all information regarding Title I programs and procedures. The school will use Title I funds to pay reasonable and necessary expenses associated with parent involvement activities. Parents are informed of these meetings and training sessions through the weekly classroom newsletter(s), school calendars, school-wide calls, email and/or text in addition to in-person and/or virtual correspondence, and on the school’s website and social media pages including Class Dojo.

    Northaven Elementary Community School provides parents with a description and explanation of the curricula in use at the school as well as the type and structure of academic assessments, supports, and intervention activities used to measure progress and proficiency levels. This is done through the weekly classroom newsletter(s), school calendars, school-wide calls, emails or text messages in addition to in-person and/or virtual correspondence, and on the school’s website.

    Northaven Elementary Community School provides flexible times for parents to meet with teachers and to participate in decisions relating to the education of their child through Parent - Teacher conferences and appointments.  The school will offer in-person, virtual and/or telephone meeting options. 

    Northaven Elementary Community School has jointly developed with parents a Parent-Student-School Compact. This written compact outlines how parents, school staff and students share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement. The compact describes the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment. The Parent-Student-School Compact describes ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their child’s learning and participate in decisions relating to their education.

    Northaven Elementary Community School provides parents with flexible, reasonable access to staff and opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s classroom.  Northaven Elementary Community School’s staff and administration are available to assist parents in understanding topics such as: academic standards; state and district assessments; how to monitor their child’s progress; how they can work with the school to improve academic achievement; and the requirements and benefits of parent involvement. Northaven Elementary Community School provides materials and learning opportunities and training for parents to help them work with their child to improve academically.

    Northaven Elementary Community School provides full opportunities for the participation of all families.  This Northaven Elementary Community School Parent Engagement Plan shall be distributed to all parents in a format and language parents can understand. It has been placed on the school’s website making it available to the community. This plan will be updated annually to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.