A message from Mr. Humphrey

Posted by Emily Chambers on 7/1/2020

A message from Mr. Humphrey:

Greetings Idlewild Family,

As we all have seen, heard, or experienced, the last few weeks have been extremely difficult for our country.  COVID-19 has changed the way our society interacts, mass unemployment threatens the way of life for millions of Americans, and now protests over the death of George Floyd are challenging the injustices of our society.  It is with the heavy heart of a father of an African-American boy and having lived 30+ years as an African-American male that I send these words of encouragement to you all today in the midst of my pain.

As  we continue to try to wrap our minds around the current state of our society, let us all remember that change begins with us. Let us not forget to check on and care for each other. Let us not forget to be empathic to each other’s situations and feelings. Let us always remember that we are all connected through the human race and that injustice, pandemics, and loss of life does not discriminate. Ultimately, we cannot discover solutions to problems that we are unwilling to acknowledge.

As an institution of education that prides itself on our diverse student population, it is our responsibility to lead the way for our community in our words, actions, and thoughts. As a community of parents, educators, and leaders, we will continue to be a beacon of light for our children that exposes inequity, bias, and wrong doing in whatever shape it may appear. Our children are watching us more now than ever for guidance.  As the school leader of Idlewild, I am committed to being a part of the solution and help usher in the change that is needed for our children in partnership with you.  Our faculty and staff are committed to being a part of the solution and helping to usher in the change that is needed for our children in partnership with you. We truly believe that "Together We Are Better"!

As a school we will be providing resources throughout the summer including books, videos, activities, and talking points/questions to ask to help our children understand and know that through great tragedy comes great opportunity!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything that we can help you with!

We miss you all and love you all! Stay safe!