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Thanks for all that you do!

Shout Out to Team 8th Grade (whatever section Cassady is in). I’ve been very please with their energy, readiness, calmness when needed. I’ve walked in and caught my baby engaged and truly enjoying Science and Choir in particular. Let’s keep this same energy all year and make my baby’s last year at Cordova a great one! Thanks for all you guys do!
Shout out to you and team for smooth book distribution process! We’ve appreciated it!

Good evening, Mrs. Wooding!

Oh, we miss seeing you and the teachers, but we are grateful for the few times we got to see you during the summer! We are grateful that we are able to interact with the teachers via MS Teams!!!!
Teachers!!! We thank God for you! I have always admired and supported teachers, because this is a job I would be challenged to do!! You guys are AMAZING; each and every one of you! 
This is Jaylen’s (Jay Mitchell) 3rd year at CMOS! We came here from Northern Virginia, and things jere are quite different! Needless to say, thanks to some amazing teachers, counselors and administrators, Jay has adjusted and blossomed! This year...... 8th grade..... Shout out, first of all, to Mrs. Wooding & Dr. Yancey for promptly putting out schedule fires before school started!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you to both Ms. Stapp (STEM) and Ms. Gonzalez (Conv. Spanish) for both responding promptly to Jay’s schedule change and getting him into your MS teams quickly!!! You rock!!! Thank you, Ms. Bailey (Math 8 Enriched) for taking time out of your day to explain that you have 2 teams, and ensuring Jay knew he had to click on the right one (since he has your for HR and Math)! You immediately got back to me, and this minor issue was resolved quickly! 
I have not had the opportunity to directly interact with Mr. Garrett (Lang Arts 8 Honors), Mr. Coleman (Soc Studies 8 Honors), or Ms. Michalchuk (Science 8 Honors) yet, but I’m sure you’re all just as AMAZING, because I have heard no complaints! 😉
I am an involved parent (Just ask Ms. Wooding)!!! So, please feel free to reach out to me whenever you need to! Jay and I look forward to another GREAT year at CMOS! Thank you all for being a part of our village!!
I want to thank everybody for making this such an easy transition. I am so impressed on what the teachers have put together and the staff has helped put together. It is running real smooth and y’all did a wonderful job
Thank you
I want to say thank you to all of Amare Akins 7th grade teachers and staff.  They have all been very patient and helpful.  We value teachers now more than ever with this virtual learning experience!
Thanks for all you do!
Shout out to Ms. E. Davis for taking the time out of her Very busy day to send me a personal message on how well my son is doing in her class!  This made me smile, AND my son smile too. 😁 
All the rest of the teachers are doing a great job as well.
It’s a good feeling to know that my son likes all of his teachers. 
Thanks again for working with him this year.  He is so proud of his artwork. I didn't know he was a good artist until he started drawing in your class! 
Hooray for Dr. Tate! Her patience is phenomenal!