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  • Imagine a school…..


    • Imagine a school where the spirit of excellence is captured through the lens of high quality instruction, teamwork, consistent expectations, and enthusiasm for learning. A school where socio-emotional learning, equity and forward thinking are key pillars in the school community.
    • Imagine a school with a welcoming environment where every student, teacher, and the community share one voice around student success in academics, athletics, and the arts…. a school where community leaders invest because they believe in the vision of the school.
    • Imagine a school where students can walk in the building with smiles on their faces and are greeted by loving adults who not only care about them as students but who also have a personal vested interest in their well-being. A school that is refreshing, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and has great customer service…imagine a school.
    • Imagine a school where the students have exposure to colleges, careers, and awesome life experiences.
    • Imagine a school where teachers are passionate about delivering a lesson that is purposeful, engaging, relevant, and meaningful. A school where the rigor and delivery of instruction and interactions with students are such that students understand that if they choose a college (academic/technical) or a career, they can feel confident knowing that they have truly been prepared.  Imagine such a school.
    • Imagine a school where the staff believes in the ability to S.O.A.R…..

                    Student First Approach while being vocal, visible, and vigilant…..Operating in

                    the spirit of excellence….Accessible to students through presence, punctuality,

    and preparation…and are Reflective practitioners who master their content with a growth mindset.  A school where the staff is known as the “dream team” because they believe in “Heart work” as well as hard work. 

    • Imagine a school where students S.O.A.R….they are studious, optimistic, ambitious, and resilient…
    • Imagine a school where the students are involved in student organizations and have a love so passionate that it is a natural inclination for them to want to represent their school with excellence….imagine a school.
    • Imagine a school where the staff and parents feel appreciated for the great work that they are doing with our youth. Imagine a school where staff and parents have a working relationship, parents are involved in the education of their children, and students understand that the teacher is fully supported by the parent and/or guardian.
    • Imagine a school where students recite and live the following pledge:

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