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  • Hello parents! 

    We know that being present and on time positively impacts learning from K-12. It can be difficult to “catch up” when time is missed; for some students, starting the day late can impact their entire day. Good school attendance helps to build habits that will last a lifetime and transfer to life beyond grade school. School comes first for students! Absences tend to increase during the days leading up to and following a holiday, but every day a student is absent is a lost opportunity for learning. Regular school attendance is essential for student success. I want to thank you all soo much for your partnership. Without you all, we cannot accomplish the many things we do and plan to do for our Lucy Eagles. I encourage you as the parent(s) to support us in motivating students to be at school daily. There are many opportunities students miss out on when they are not regularly attending school, such as academic enrichment, social and emotional development, and preparation for college and careers. Last but not least, students miss out on the many rewards, incentives, and engagements that we contribute to the students that are at school each day. Thank you! 

    Mrs. Madison (Patterson) 

    Professional School Counselor  

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